I don’t want to buy an insert online, where can I purchase them?

Most of our inserts are standard IKEA sizes however please email us for more information.


 Where are my cushion being made?

All our cushions are made by hand to order in Perth, Western Australia.


How long does my cushion take to make?

As we make cushions to order please allow two days plus shipping times.


How long will shipping take?

Within Australia your item should ship to you within 5- 10 business days. This timeline will be updated upon receiving tracking information.


The colour I want isn’t listed, can I request a custom colour?

Absolutely, Please email us at info@beachesbaysandcapes.com with a swatch and we can mix up a custom colour for your cushion.


Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately as our items are made to order we are not able to offer a refund for change of mind. If an item is faulty in any way please contact us at info@beachesbaysandcapes.com and we will work to rectify the issue.


What if I don’t know the GPS coordinates of the place name that I want?

No problem, just tell us the state and/or country the place is in and we can find that information.

What if I want the name of our boat or beach house or a place name without the GPS coordinates painted on the product?

We can put any name you like on a product we just need to you to put the exact word(s) that you want in the Text box. If you don't want coordinates on your product please put "not applicable"in the coordinates text box.

Can I have more information about the baby on the baby cushion i.e. the time/place of birth and baby’s weight etc?

Yes but we may have to use one of the larger size cushions to fit all the information on.


I can't select shipping or I am receiving a message saying my shipping is not valid, what should I do?

Your purchases may be above standard shipping rates. Please contact us on info@beachesbaysandcapes.com and we will be able to assist you to process the transaction manually.